Biology Visit to the Roslin Institute

Each year in April/May the Advanced Higher Biology class is invited to The Roslin Institute for a Friday afternoon. The visit supports the Cell and Molecular Biology unit of the Advanced Higher Biology course.  During the visit we meet research scientists for an informal chat and have a tour of some of the labs.  The students find out about some of the research projects in those labs. and are encouraged to get a hands on experience and ask questions.  For example the students gain an understanding of the use of modern DNA technology and microscopy in helping us understand more about the development of the embryo.


The students also see the high tech equipment used in modern DNA sequencing and DNA and RNA analysis while scientists explain current projects and applications of the science


This is a great way for our students to see techniques described in the AH course and understand applications in science today.  The students see what a modern research laboratory looks like and what it is like to work in one.  For some it is also a chance to find out about careers in science.


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