Measles Information For Schools

There has been a recent increase in the numbers of measles cases in Scotland and the rest of the UK, mainly affecting teenagers and younger adults.  Many of the cases have been associated with recent travel abroad especially to France.  A number of current measles outbreaks have been reported from France, Belgium and Switzerland.


Measles is highly infectious and can be a dangerous illness.  It spreads easily in schools, universities and summer camps.  Those who are not fully immunised with two doses of MMR are most at risk of developing measles.


As we approach the time of year when many children and students are travelling abroad on summer trips and family holidays, NHS Lothian is urging parents to protect their children against measles.  If your child has missed out on two doses of MMR vaccine please consider getting your child fully immunised with MMR before you travel abroad during the summer break.  Please contact your GP or practice nurse to arrange MMR vaccination as soon as possible.