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Immunisation consent forms will be issued to all S3 / S4 pupils on Tuesday, 1st December 2015.  Please complete and return to school by Friday, 18th December 2015

S5 / S6 Immunisation consent forms will be issued later in the week with the same return date of Friday, 18th December 2015.

Immunisations take place in February 2016 –

Monday, 22nd

Tuesday, 23rd

Wednesday, 24th

All S3 will be immunised against –

  • Diphtheria
  • Polio
  • Tetanus
  • Meningitis

All S4 / S5 and S6 will be immunised against –

  • Meningitis

The Scottish Poppy Appeal 2015

Staff and Pupils raised £233.08 for “The Scottish Poppy Appeal 2015”.

poppy photo 1



iPad Project

We still require the return of the letters regarding the iPad project which was sent to all S3 – S6 Parent / Carers – please can you return as soon as possible

S5 / S6 Visit Samye Ling for RMPS

S5 / S6 pupils visited the Buddhist monastery Samye Ling for RMPS. Though the weather was abysmal, pupils received complements on their positive attitude throughout.

Samye Ling 3Samye Ling 2Samy Ling 6

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