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As part of their course our S3 Business Management pupils organise and run a Christmas disco for S1 pupils every year. They are responsible for advertising the event, printing and selling tickets, costing food and drink and hiring the DJ!

We had a great turn-out in December 2015 and everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks go to the hard working S3 pupils who helped out at the disco – they did everything from manning the doors to serving food and drink and mopping the floor.

A memorable moment came when all of the S1 pupils danced ‘The Macarena’ in perfect unison!

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A small selection of our photos from our very successful school show “Jesus Christ Superstar”

IMG_0178 IMG_0200 IMG_0219 IMG_0222 IMG_0204 IMG_0218 IMG_0240


Graham Peacock and Eric Classon (Janitors) have now both retired.  We wish them both Best Wishes and a Happy Retirement

Happy Retirement

S3 – S6 Pupils – Return of Consent packs for Vaccinations

Consent packs for vaccinations from NHS Lothian were sent home before the holidays.  If you have not already done so please return vaccination consent forms to school by 15th January 2016.


Back to School 2016

Looking forward to welcoming pupils back for new term on Thursday this week.

back to school