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Suspended Timetable 2011

Suspended Timetable 2011 takes place on Monday 27th to Wed 29th June.  Activity choice forms should be completed and returned to school on Wednesday 27th April.  Pupils should make 4 choices (unless they are going on a prearranged trip) and have the form signed by a parent/carer.

For a reminder of the activities on offer, check out the Suspended Timetable 2011 booklet.

First Year Reports Issued

We are delighted to announce that the school has issued reports for S1 pupils which give a picture of their progress as they begin their journey through the new Curriculum for Excellence.


An information booklet produced by the City of Edinburgh Council to explain the new reporting system was issued with the reports.  The school has also produced a booklet which provides details of the course content for the subjects which make up the S1 curriculum. An excellent video tutorial is also available to help parents/carers understand the new style of reporting and can be found by following this link.


There will be an opportunity to speak to teachers and members of the Senior Management Team at the Parents’ Consultation meeting which will be held on Wednesday 4th May, 4.30 – 7pm.

More Porty Pupils Head Off To University

The school is delighted to announce that recent statistics show a significant increase in the number of Portobello High School pupils progressing to Higher Education. In the period from 1996 – 2000, 27% of our school leavers moved on to university. In 2010 however this figure rose to 38%, an impressive increase of 11%. We look forward to continuing to improve on this further in the years ahead.


Rotary Club Technology Tournament

rotaryCongratulations to fourth year pupils Grant Shiells, Cody Reynolds, Ellis Gowan and Ryan Wilson who were successful in winning the trophy in the Intermediate category of the Rotary Club Technology Tournament.  The teams were set an engineering challenge to design and build a motorised crane to rescue a barrel of hazardous waste from a railway tunnel. Portobello was narrowly beaten in the Advanced category by the Royal High School. Well done to all the pupils involved.

Blood Donation Day

The Blood Donation Centre would like to thank all pupils and staff who attended the session last week. 62 people visited the mobile unit, 14 of these being new donors and 31 pints of blood was successfully collected. This was considered to be a very good contribution and they look forward to their return in September.