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Measles Information For Schools

There has been a recent increase in the numbers of measles cases in Scotland and the rest of the UK, mainly affecting teenagers and younger adults.  Many of the cases have been associated with recent travel abroad especially to France.  A number of current measles outbreaks have been reported from France, Belgium and Switzerland.


Measles is highly infectious and can be a dangerous illness.  It spreads easily in schools, universities and summer camps.  Those who are not fully immunised with two doses of MMR are most at risk of developing measles.

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Foster Me, Foster Us

The City of Edinburgh Council is urgently looking for more foster carers. We need people to care for children for a few days or months and some will need caring for all of their childhood. Some will be adopted and become part of their new family for life. A carer can have a huge impact on a child’s life, improving their confidence and helping them towards a happy future.


Our current campaign, Foster Me, Foster Us, is running across the city and includes billboards, buses, taxis and press advertising as well as sponsoring Grant Stott’s radio show on Forth One.  Follow the links to find out more.

FACe Newsletter

The new issue of FACe, a newsletter for families and children in Edinburgh, has just been published. Click the link below to access it.

Rachel and Robin’s Big Read

On Friday 27th May, all of  our S1 pupils will be participating in Rachel and Robin’s Big Read by reading silently, taking turns reading aloud, and/or being read to.  This is Portobello High School’s way of raising money for this cause.


CHAS provides the only hospice services for children and young people in Scotland with life-shortening conditions.  We hope that we can raise awareness of the needs of families who are touched by life-shortening conditions as well as raise money for this charity.


Please support CHAS by sponsoring our S1 pupils and encouraging friends, family and neighbours to contribute to this worthwhile cause.

REMINDER – School Holidays

Monday, 23rd May is a Bank Holiday.

Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th May are In-Service days for staff only.

Pupils return on Thursday 26th May 2011.