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Foster Me

The City of Edinburgh Council is urgently looking for more foster carers. We need people to care for children for a few days or months and some will need caring for all of their childhood. Some will be adopted and become part of their new family for life. A carer can have a huge impact on a child’s life, improving their confidence and helping them towards a happy future.


There will be an information evening on Thursday 1st December for interested people to come along to Waverley Court and have an informal chat. Please see this poster for further details.


Prelim Examinations 2011

S4 (and early presentation S3) prelims will take place from Monday 28th November to Wednesday 7th December. Please find prelim timetables and important notes for pupils below.


Please also note, in the event of industrial action on Wednesday 30th November, exams scheduled for that day will be postponed until Thursday 8th December, exam leave will be extended and normal classes will resume on Friday 9th December.


S4 Prelim Timetable 2011 (PDF)

S4 Prelims Pupil Notes 2011 (PDF)

S3 Maths,English Prelim Timetable 2011 (PDF)

S3 Maths, English Prelims Pupil Notes 2011 (PDF)

Potential Strike Action, Wednesday 30th November

As you may be aware, a wide range of public sector unions have recently balloted for strike action in response to possible changes to public sector pensions as proposed by the UK Government. This action is set to happen on

Wednesday 30th November 2011.


The purpose of this letter is to alert you to the possibility that the school may well be closed to some or all pupils on this day. I am not yet able to outline the definitive position but would certainly intend doing so by Monday 28th November 2011.


Regarding S4 Prelim Examinations, please note as per detail on the prelim timetable that examinations planned for 30th November 2011 will move to 8th December 2011 if the school is closed as a result of strike action.


Peigi Macarthur

Head Teacher

Theatre Trip

Eight Higher Drama pupils went to see ‘Men Should Weep’ by Ena Lamont Stewart at The King’s Theatre on Thursday 10th November.


This was a wonderful production enjoyed by all and will be invaluable in the pupils’ appreciation of contemporary Scottish Theatre.

Queen’s Diamond Jublilee

At City of Edinburgh Council’s Policy and Strategy Committee on 8 November 2011, in respect of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it was agreed to grant a fixed one-off additional holiday on Tuesday 5 June 2012. Schools will be therefore be closed to pupils and staff on 5 June 2012. Victoria Day will remain as 21 May and the fifth In Service Day will remain as Tuesday 22 May. Revised Session Dates 2011/12 can be accessed as follows: