National 5 Examinations

Parents/ Carers

Please find links to revision resources developed by the National Parent Forum of Scotland for pupils sitting National 5 qualifications . This link will also be added to the Curriculum for Excellence section of the website.



Peigi Macarthur

Head Teacher


The National Parent Forum of Scotland has prepared a series of revision support materials for learners who are about to sit the new National 5 qualifications. The Revision in a Nutshell subject guides are designed to complement learning and revision in the classroom. Either visit and click on the ‘For Learners’ tab or use this direct link:


The guides, which are currently being added to the NPFS website, will cover 20 of the most popular subjects.


They provide links to:

• SQA Specimen Papers and marking instructions

• useful SQA past papers and marking instructions, with questions listed

• school websites with helpful course content and revision activities

• revision materials on BBC Bitesize, YouTube and to teacher blogs.