iPad Letter

The under noted letter has been sent out to all parent / Carers of pupils in S3 – S6 and should be with you in the next couple of days:

As you are aware, it is the policy at Portobello HS to loan iPads to all pupils in S3 – S6.   The intended purpose of issuing iPads is so that they can be used as an educational tool in classrooms and at home. iPad use in classrooms is monitored regularly and it is obvious that they have become an integral tool for our learning and teaching. 

Staff regularly remind pupils that their iPads should be treated with care and that they should always be kept inside the case provided.   The vast majority of pupils generally do appreciate the value of their iPad and make sure they are well looked after.

On occasion however, iPads get damaged and require repair to allow pupils to regain full use of their iPad.   Repairing damaged iPads is becoming a significant financial burden on school resources and as a result we now intend to ask Parents/Carers to make a financial contribution of £40 when an iPad requires screen repair. Varying contributions may be requested for other types of damage. Many other schools which use iPads have been requesting parental contributions towards damage for some time.

As stated on the Home School Agreement, any loss or damage should be reported immediately to the Depute with responsibility for ICT, currently Ms Hume.   From 16/11/15 when damage is reported a letter to inform you of this damage and to ask you to make a contribution towards the repair will be issued. A replacement iPad will be issued when this letter is signed and returned, along with the contribution. Any Parent/Carer unable to make this contribution should contact the school in confidence to discuss further.

A reminder of the Home School Agreement on the use of iPads is attached for your reference.

In extreme circumstances, pupils may have their iPad withdrawn and alternative arrangements for supporting their learning and teaching will be put in place.

Lastly, can I remind you that pupils are able to buy replacement chargers (£10) and cables (£7) from the ICT Technician in school.

As a pupil, I agree to:

  • Look after my iPad carefully at all times
  • Charge up my iPad every night and bring the iPad into school fully charged
  • Always store my iPad in its supplied case when not in use, and store it in an appropriate school bag when outside my class
  • Only take my iPad out in class or in my home – never in the playground, when walking between classes or when travelling to and from school
  • Immediately report any damage, loss or theft to the DHT i/c ICT
  • Only use the iPad charger supplied to charge up my iPad
  • Report any technical problems to the IT Technician

Ruth McKay, Head Teacher