Eco Team: Oxfam and University of Edinburgh Recycling Project

The PHS Eco Team have been working on a design sprint and then manufacture of a new kind of ‘smartbin’ recycling bank. The project has been developed with Chris Speed and Siobhan Magee from the University of Edinburgh, with input from University College London too.


The smartbins have been designed to try and find a way to boost donations to Oxfam in austerity times. Eco Team pupils suggested making donations competitive and rewarding, by recording the weight of donations and also by each donation triggering a thank you message, explaining how this small act could help others all over the world through Oxfam’s work. The smartbins also update their new weight on a twitter account each time a donation is made, allowing pupils to keep track of how their project is progressing.

After a design sprint at Portobello high School, Eco Team members visited the University of Edinburgh to help make the smartbins, which involved some practical technological skills, concentration and teamwork! The team at the University hope to have the smartbins finished soon and installed in PHS. With one smartbin for each house in school, the race will be on to see who can donate most by the Easter holiday and win a dress down day for their house!


The video can be found via the link to YouTube below and shows how the Eco Team pupils got on during their visit to the University of Edinburgh.


Oxfam Porty Project – University of Edinburgh visit