‘Dreams Come True’ Dress-Up Day 2011

Dreams Come True‘ is a UK-wide organisation that gives young children with serious long-term or terminal illnesses the chance to make their dream come true!  It could be anything from meeting a celebrity hero to visiting family abroad.  ‘Dreams Come True’ also helps by partly or fully paying for equipment that will make dealing with an illness easier, such as wheelchairs and specialised bicycles.  But ‘Dreams Come True’ can’t provide these fantastic opportunities on its own.


Being a charity, it relies on the generosity of the public to gather the funds it needs and so we need your help!  On Friday 9th September 2011, we want you to come to school dressed up as what you’d like to be when you leave school.  Whether it’s an astronaut or a zookeeper, we want you to be as creative as you can to help raise funds for this fantastic charity!  No football strips allowed. Suggested donation is £1, but any donations over and above are always welcome!