S5/6 National 5/Higher

All pupils will have sets of support notes, booklets with tasks and a revision booklet to consolidate learning and aid revision. RMPS Past paper exam questions have been made available for students to buy from the department or can be downloaded from the SQA website.


Hints and Tips for Helping with Homework and Exam Preparation

Regular formal homework is given for RMPS. This may involve mini projects, reading and taking notes or answering questions, working from textbooks and booklets and attempting exam type questions from past papers. It is important that students complete all their homework to increase knowledge, develop skills and consolidate their learning and also to develop a good work ethic.


They should also be in the practice of doing background reading, reading over notes and identifying key points of what has been learned on a weekly basis. This will make a big difference to their progress and help them understand things they may not have grasped first time round in class. It can also help identify any areas where they need help from the teacher or have to go over more thoroughly. It makes the prelim and final exam a much less taunting prospect than the last minute dash it can be if they haven’t built up this good practice.


Attempting exam questions from past papers at home is also a very helpful way of gaining practice and confidence in answering questions in exams. Once areas of work are secure, trying to do exam questions from past paper questions under exam conditions, with a time limit and without notes and textbooks gives a far better gauge of progress. Their teacher will be happy to mark any completed answers done at home and go over how to improve their answers.


Check lists for both units studied in RMPS at the time of the prelim are available that outline what each student should know by the time of the prelim.


A set of tips and things to avoid when answering exam questions, along with how to do revision has been given out to both National and Higher students. These are related specifically to these subjects.


It also contains a list of the kind of words of instructions used in exam questions and what they mean in the RMPS context. Students should make themselves familiar with them to help them answer questions relevantly and accurately.


Departmental Study Support Activities

Study support classes for RMPS every Monday after school and Wednesday lunchtimes. Each member of the department is available at that time to help with study for the areas of the courses, which they teach. Other times can be made by arrangement, with the individual teacher concerned.