Aims and Philosophy

Religious and Moral Education enables students to engage in the search for meaning, value and purpose in life. Students explore contemporary moral issues and the big questions of life through the study of world religions and other belief systems.  They are encouraged to think for themselves, learn to evaluate and think critically about a wide range of ideas and issues through informed debate and discussion, active learning and investigation.

It is hoped that through Religious and Moral Education learners will come to a deeper awareness of who they are, what they believe and value in life, learning to have a respect for this planet and the people who they share it with.

RME in Portobello High School aims:

  • To provide an open, balanced forum where students can enquire about, discuss and explore important life questions
  • To develop the ability to make reasoned, informed decisions about moral and social questions.
  • To give students knowledge of the teachings of the main religions of the world and how this affects the lives of their followers.
  • To help learners to develop a caring, responsible and understanding attitude towards the world in which they live and the people they share it with.


Success Headlines

  • Reflective, engaged and well informed individuals in their search for meaning and values in life and its many issues
  • Active learning throughout the curriculum and across all year groups.

(E.g. S1 ‘Reshaping Care for Older People Project’ as part of Equality and Physical Difference Unit. Students design a small care home in groups, employing the principles and values older people have identified as important to them. Students then take part in a market place convention, setting out their stalls to promote their care home and explaining their ideas to members of staff.

  • Involvement in interdisciplinary projects like the S1’ Scotland and Its People’ Project, Health and Well Being Day and Rapid Response in S3 etc.
  • Successful trips to Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre and Vine Trust Conference in Perth enjoyed by the students undertaking the RMPS course.
  • Advanced Higher successfully run for the first year in Portobello High School, with uptake to run for a second year.
  • Pupils involved in diverse fundraising and awareness raising work around the school in aid of many important charities as part of S4 Values in to Action unit

Curriculum Leader

Mr N Goodfellow