What Does It Mean to Be Human? Topics Include:

  • Human and Animals- Are we different?
  • Do we have a Soul?
  • Values (The values of Justice, Integrity, Compassion and Wisdom in the Mace of the Scottish Parliament)
  • Religion and Our Environment (including individual research task)
  • Equality and Physical Difference



Belief. Topics Include:

  • What is a Belief?
  • Types of Belief
  • Belief in Action: Inspirational people. E.g. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela; project of student’s choice
  • Moral Belief and Medical Ethics – e.g. Euthanasia, Organ Donation
  • Beliefs about Life after Death
  • Individual research project into one chosen major world religion’s key beliefs.


Investigating Religion and Belief: Unit 1 of SQA Religion Belief and Values Award:

  • Moral Issues in Technology- E.g. Social Networking and Factory Farming
  • Individual research task from a chosen issue


Values in Action: Unit 2 of SQA Religion Belief and Values Award:

  • Students put their values into action through designing and taking part in a charitable activity or other practical activity related to a chosen personal belief or value.

Study of Capital Punishment as a Contemporary Moral Issue


Interest time

  • Introduction to Philosophy – discussion based class


Certificate RMPS

S3 Nationals

  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Introduction to Religion
  • Introduction to Morality
  • Moral Issues: War and Peace

S4 National

  • World Religion: Hinduism
  • Existence of God
  • Religion, Medicine and the Human Body


National 5/Higher

  • World Religion: Buddhism
  • Origin of Life
  • Religion and Justice

Advanced Higher

  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Religious Experience
  • Dissertation