Progress booklets are used to give pupils the opportunity to evaluate their performance over the entire block.


S3/4 Core

Progress sheets are used to give pupils the chance to evaluate their performance over the entire block.


National 4/5

All National 4/5 pupils are issued with Activity Booklets specific to the Factors Impacting on Performance area covered in 3rd and 4th year. These booklets are used to reinforce the theoretical aspect of the course.


Intermediate 2/Higher

Booklets: At Intermediate 2 and Higher level the pupils are issued with booklets which pupils use to gather data on their performance within the different activities. This information is then used to answer specific questions similar to those expected in an exam. Within these booklets there are also homework tasks which are used to reinforce information regarding the theoretical aspects of the course.


SQA past papers: Past papers can be bought from book shops or downloadable on the SQA website.


Hints and Tips for Helping with Homework and Exam Preparation

National 4/5

Homework issued during the national 4/5 course is issued in preparation for some end of unit tests/exams to enhance the knowledge and understanding aspects of the course.



During the Intermediate and Higher courses homework may be issued to:

  • Prepare pupils for ‘exam style’ questions
  • Serve as a revision document
  • Reinforce practical sessions

Pupils will be issued with formal homework to be completed as directed by staff. This homework will be recorded and letters will be issued for incompletion. For both Higher and National 4/5 homework, members of staff are always available to help with any questions however, must seek this support prior to the homework deadline date.