• To allow all pupils to achieve their mathematical potential at whatever level they are studying.
  • To engage pupils in a variety of ways to embrace the study of mathematics
  • For pupils to make the link between mathematics and its need in everyday life.



Success Headlines

  • The department offers daily afterschool revision classes for all pupils to give extra help and to aid exam preparation.
  • Department is well resourced with all eleven classrooms equipped with a data projector and many with a Smartboard.
  • Pupils take part in many mathematical competitions including Scottish Mathematical Challenges, UKMT junior and middle competitions, UKMT Team Challenge, Enterprising Mathematics and Masterclasses




Miss C M Livingston (Curriculum Leader)

Mr W Webster

Mr J Matthew

Mrs K McRoberts

Mrs L Hooker

Mr M Russell

Mrs J Ritchie

Mrs R Whittington

Mr S McPhillie

Mr J Stevenson