Key Skills Support

  • Students should regularly review notes taken in class and handouts given out in order to further consolidate learning. It would be useful to do this on a weekly basis.
  • Students may find it helpful to rewrite their notes in a condensed form to help with their revision – the process of writing or typing out notes rather than just reading them over can help them to retain information.
  • Students should regularly read a range of challenging fiction and quality broadsheet newspapers (accessible online) in order to further develop their literacy skills. Passages set for close reading exams are usually taken from quality newspapers so it essential that students are familiar with this style of writing.
  • Resources to support students’ learning can be accessed online using the links listed on this website.


There are also staff created webpages that can be found from the links below:


Ms A Kirkwood –

Mrs L Ruxton –

Mrs M Gardner –



Hints and Tips for Helping with Homework and Exam Preparation

  • Regular homework will be given. Details of the work given and deadlines set should be entered into student planners so that work can be completed and handed in on time.
  • Homework may take a range of forms. This could be finishing work started in class, producing redrafts of work, private reading, preparing a presentation, research work, or homework sheets.
  • Students are required to complete coursework for NQ courses. They will be given support with this in class, but must take responsibility for completing the work themselves, meeting deadlines for drafts, following teachers’ advice and handing in their final drafts on time. Deadlines are listed in the key dates section and parents can support staff by encouraging students to meet these so that work is not rushed at the last minute. If deadlines are not met students will not receive valuable feedback on their work, will not produce the best work possible and therefore will not achieve their potential.
  • Students should check over their written work carefully before handing it in. Students can fail coursework and exams due to weak expression (i.e. poor grammar, sentence construction and paragraphing) so it is essential that they get used to editing their own work and checking for errors. Parents could assist by reading over students’ work with them.
  • Past papers can be downloaded from the SQA website (link listed above). Marking instructions can also be downloaded. It can be very useful for students to mark their own work after completing past papers so that they can see the range of possible answers which the SQA would accept.