Key Skills Support

Access to CAD software at home. Creo Parementric – program discs will be supplied.

Napier University Fantastic plastic course.

Napier University Polymer Studies visit.

Hints and Tips for Helping with Homework and Exam Preparation

Graphic Communication

Knowledge and Interpretation is better approached by subdividing into topics i.e. Engineering drawing, Colour theory, BSI conventions etc.

Design and Manufacture

All Homework assignments and references for these should be downloaded when sent by the teacher on Edmodo.

Design folios can be worked on at home.

Practical work can only be undertaken at school.

Departmental Study Support Activities

After school support is offered and encouraged by all staff. Times and days are negotiated by individual teachers and classes

Mr Roy: Monday Higher Graphic Communication                                 3.40 – 4.50pm

Monday National 4/5 & Higher Design and Manufacture       3.40 – 4.50pm

Mr Christie: Tuesday and Wednesday (All subject areas)                    3.40 – 4.50pm

Mr McCran: Tuesday – General workshop catchup                               3.40 – 4.50pm

Mr Beveridge: Monday – Thursday by arrangement.                            3.40 – 4.30pm

Mr Myles: Monday – Thursday by arrangement.                                    3.40 – 4.50pm

Mr Gray: Monday – Wednesday by arrangement                                   3.40 – 4.50pm