Useful YouTube Videos

Computing have a channel on YouTube where many videos can be found to help you study and revise. Click the following link to go straight there:-


Portobello High School Computing YouTube channel


Key Skills Support

Review your class notes on a regular basis and summarise the learning in each section.  Try not to just copy the content, but identify the key concepts in each section and create mind maps or flash cards.


Make Mind Maps online with  free tools  (this website generates mind maps based on bulleted lists)


How to mind map

Some mind mapping tips :

Video – how to mind map :


Create vocabulary / flash cards online:

Being able to use the correct terminology in Computing is very important.  Try creating your own Computing dictionary of key terms.

These tools may be useful for you. (create flash cards with terms and definitions and Quizlet generates activities for you to remember the terms)

These flash card building websites also integrate with mobile flash card apps so you can access your data on the move.  For example. FlashCardlet is a free app for iOS that can pull in data from quizlet (Free on the App Store –


Hints and Tips for Helping with Homework and Exam Preparation

Preparing for the exam/prelim

Using Past Papers is the best way to prepare yourself for any Computing exam. Depending on the course you are taking, the exam will be worth between 60% and 70% of your final mark.


The exams are made up of Knowledge and Understanding (recalling information) and Problem Solving (applying what you know) questions.


When working through an exam paper, take time to:

  • Read the question carefully.
  • Look at how many marks a question is worth.  For example, if a question is worth two marks, you must ensure you give 2 valid points.
  • Try to write FULL answers.  For example, answers like “It is faster” and “Bigger” are not suitable.  You must explain your answer eg “Fibre Optic Cable transmits data faster than Coaxial Cable”
  • If your answer should include a unit of measurement, eg 2.3 Ghz or 140 Gb, please do make sure you write the unit down!
  • Show all your working when doing any calculation. Even if you get the answer wrong, you can still pick up marks for correct use of formula.
  • When calculating the size of a file, if the answer has many numbers after the decimal point eg 21.3247Mb, you should always round your answer UP to 1 decimal place eg 21.4 Mb


Homework tips

  • Read the question and identify which topic it relates to and find the appropriate supporting notes.
  • Take a note of any new or unfamiliar terms  and try to familiarise yourself with them, either using your notes or an online dictionary.
  • Read the question and your answer again.  Have you answered it?
  • Don’t be shy to ask your teacher for help or clarification if you get stuck! However, please do this before the homework is due.


Departmental Study Support Activities

Revision classes are offered for Computing and Information Systems courses after the February break.  Please see your teacher for specific dates and times for your level.

You are welcome to come to the department at lunchtimes (Monday – Thursday) for support with your work.