Aims and Philosophy

  • Provide pupils with a range of Computing and ICT experiences designed to support and challenge all ages and abilities.
  • Develop computation thinking skills in line CfE and New Qualificaions in Computing Science.
  • Create and foster the enjoyment of Computing and ICT and stimulate curiosity about technology.
  • Help pupils learn how to use ICT safely and responsibly.
  • Support pupils in becoming confident and independent learners with ICT.
  • Inspire pupils to develop their vision to use ICT creatively.
  • Provide pupils with the opportunity to achieve qualifications in Computing and ICT relevant to today’s workplace.


Success Headlines

  • Three well-resourced ICT rooms, each one equipped with 21 Windows 7 PCs, 21 inch LED monitors, colour laser printer, data projector, interactive whiteboard and a wide range of other peripherals.
  • Pupil access to an ever-increasing range of software for document creation, games design, multimedia authoring, web publishing, computer programming, photo editing, desktop publishing and many more.
  • Development of innovative new courses for Curriculum for Excellence in S1/2 to include new topics such games design and animation.
  • Continued development of skills based courses in s5/6 with Media Editing and Game Design available at levels 4, 5 and 6
  • Strong uptake of S2 pupils taking optional Web Design and / or Programming courses as part of the enrichment program as well as the core Computing Science course in S2.
  • Significant and increasing numbers of pupils opting to study Computing, particularly in S5/6.
  • Excellent exam results for 2013/2014. On average, pupils sitting Computing qualifications attained above the city and national average.
  • Revision classes for all S4-6 courses, at lunchtimes or after school.



Mr D McKee (Curriculum Leader)
Ms A Cowie
Mrs A Stewart-Kmicha
Ms A Hutchison