Key Skills Support

Administration and Information Technology and Business Management

Administration and IT pupils will acquire sound ICT skills in Microsoft Office including, Word, Access, Excel, Publisher and Powerpoint and Outlook.


Administration pupils are welcome to copy e-files onto a memory stick (or email home), collect past papers or course work and do extra skills work at home.


Business Management and Administration pupils will receive homework and Unit booklets that contain theory notes and activities for each topic.  We strongly recommend these are used to complete homework and to revise for tests and final exams.


Resources can be borrowed in the short term by pupils as long as they gain permission from their class teacher.  Sometimes we ask for a deposit which is refunded when resources are returned.


SQA exams and electronic files are available to download on the SQA website.  Pupils can also get older past papers from staff.


Higher Business Management pupils are given a password to the SCHOLAR website ( and they are strongly encouraged to access and use this resource both in and out of school.


All Administration pupils a given a Personal Learning Plan which monitors their progress throughout the course.  Pupils are encouraged to track their own progress as well as teacher and parent/carer input.  Targets are able to be identified and measured which complements the whole school policy of target setting.


Hints and Tips for Helping with Homework and Exam Preparation

Administration and Business Management

If a pupil is experiencing problems they should ask their teacher for clarification at the time homework is issued and request help during the next lesson. Moreover, pupils can attend a study support class or approach their teacher at lunchtime or after school.  Parents will be notified by letter regarding non-completion of homework.


Pupils should be encouraged to use a variety of resources to tackle homework.  For example, asking family members/staff for clarification or using an internet Search Engine to seek out information on a particular topic and then summarise findings in their own words.


Our Department is open at lunchtimes and at the end of the school day. We are readily available to discuss issues your son/daughter has with the work of the class. This is particularly useful when they are dong their SQA Business Management project.


Business Management: What Can You Do To Improve Your Performance?

  • Always put in a good effort when attempting homework.  Persevere.  Seek assistance at home and in school if you have difficulties.
  • Revise your theory notes regularly and thoroughly to gain full knowledge and understanding of the course content especially before a test or Nab.  This will improve your prospects of success.
  • Always ensure when answering written questions that you focus on the command words and answer the question fully.
  • Note the amount of marks allocated to a written question.  This will indicate the length and depth of answer required.
  • Always read over your work before submitting it.  This should highlight errors and gaps and hence, improve your answers.
  • Plan and organise your use of time effectively to achieve targets and deadlines eg homework, tests, Unit and Course Assessments.


Administartion and IT: What Can You Do To Improve Your Performance?

  • Read over theory notes thoroughly to gain a full understanding of the course content.
  • Always ensure when answering questions to focus on the command words and answer the question fully.
  • Always proof read your work to improve accuracy.
  • Plan and organise your use of time effectively to achieve targets and deadlines.
  • Always use the housestyle layouts when producing business documents.




Any Business Education Course: Useful strategies to promote learning

  • Encourage them to get involved in our mini-enterprise and young enterprise events or enter our Share Challenge.
  • Watch TV business programmes e.g. Dragon’s Den, The Junior Apprentice.
  • Listen to the radio.   Radio 4’s Moneybox and other current affairs programmes. There are discussions about interest rates and shares, takeovers, mergers all of which gives your pupils good background information.
  • Read the business and money section in your daily or Sunday newspaper or equivalent website.
  • Communicate regularly regarding topic content and monitor your son/daughter’s progress.


Departmental Study Support Activities

There are no set dates for Study Support.  Instead, all pupils are welcome to work in the Department during lunchtimes, at the end of the day and during free periods, as long as they notify staff of their intention.  This is particularly useful when they are doing their SQA Standard Grade Business Management project.


Study Support classes are offered to S4 and S5/6 in the run up to prelims and SQA exams or by request.  Times and dates are publicised in the daily bulletin.


S6 pupils are welcome to do extra Administration or Business Management course work during free periods.   Pupils should liaise with staff.