Celebrating Kenyan Independence Day with our Link School

On 14th December, pupils at Portobello High School will join our link school in celebrating Jamhuri Day, or Kenyan Independence Day. On this Kenyan holiday, pupils at Kiurani Secondary School will make their way to their nearest District headquarters with their families and remember gaining their independence from Great Britain in 1963.


We plan to join our link school in their celebrations by making pupils aware of this holiday and its significance throughout the school. Pupils will be encouraged to come to school wearing the colours of the Kenyan flag; black, red and green. They will also learn facts about Kenya’s journey to independence and have the opportunity to help our link pupils fundraise to visit Portobello. Each £1 raised will cover 15 miles of a Kiurani pupil’s flight to Edinburgh!


We hope to celebrate Burns’ Night with the Kiurani community in the new year. In the meantime, as we approach the end of the winter term, we would like to wish Kiurani staff and pupils Kuwa na Krismasi njema! Please visit the International Links page for more information on our partnership.