National 5 / Higher / Advanced Higher

Prelim Timetable – 2016

Monday 11th to Friday 22nd January

A few points:

There are no prelims for subjects at National 3 and 4 levels although there may be internal assessments carried out during this time.


  • There is no exam leave this year. You must attend classes as normal except on the day of an exam. You do not need to attend classes on the day of an exam.
  • You must wear school uniform during the prelims.
  • The invigilators will be running the exams. These are the people who will be responsible for your SQA exams in May. They are experienced and helpful. You must treat invigilators with respect and follow their instructions.
  • Please be outside the exam room at least 10 minutes before the exam starts.
  • You must follow the instructions regarding mobile phones and any other electronic devices.
  • You must stay in the examination room until the end of the exam.
  • Please come fully equipped for the exam.
  • Pencil cases, hats, scarves etc are not allowed in the exam room.
  • Water is permitted in the exam room.
  • When there is a clash of exams, sit the exam with the asterisk * and make arrangements with the teacher of the other subject for an alternative time.
  • Those pupils with AA arrangements have been informed of any variations in the timing / place of exams by Mr McAllister.
  • The exam timetable will be posted on the school website.

Good luck!

Timetable is here :

Pupil Version – Draft 3