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Eclipse at Portobello High School

Pupils at Portobello High School enjoyed the amazing spectacle of the eclipse last Friday.  Physics teachers  welcomed pupils into the department and gave them access to resources that allowed the eclipse to be viewed safely, as well as providing explanations of the phenomenon that they were viewing.  One of the Computing Science classes used their iPads to safely take photographs of the eclipse through shaded windows (see the first picture below). The other images were captured by Gonda Metzger, S4.



IMG_0132 IMG_0106IMG_0114

The Use of IT to Support Learning

Please note below the lovely comments received from Development Officers working in the Digital Learning and Teaching Team of Education Scotland. They spent the day with us focussing on the use of technology to support learning.  They visited a range of classes, spoke to groups of pupils and members of staff.  They were most impressed by what they saw and heard !

We would like to pass on our thanks to everyone at Portobello High School for an absolutely wonderful visit!

As the day was very well organised this allowed us the opportunity to engage with both staff and learners which provided us with some very valuable insight, which we are keen to share nationally. It was fantastic to see how the technology was being used across the curriculum in a variety of ways which not only supported teachers but also motivated and engaged the learners. It was clear to see and hear in our conversations that the technology has and continues to have a positive impact on the learning experience and by capturing this through the photos and videos we collected allows us to share this with our curriculum teams as well as other schools across the country.

We greatly appreciate the effort that was taken to ensure this opportunity was possible and we would like to thank everyone for their commitment and participation in making this day happen.

If you are able to provide some of the video content of the lunch time conversations this would be welcomed and if members of staff are able to share some of their resources that they used from their lessons this would allow us to add further context to some of the learning which we captured throughout the day.

Finally, we would just like to re-iterate our thanks for the warm welcome that we received and we hope that you viewed this as an opportunity to share some of your excellent practice with us at Education Scotland.


Just wanted to write and say thank you to everyone who was involved in Comic Relief this year. We raised £1,060 which is the highest amount raised this year for any charity.

The winning selfie was taken by 1B2 – see picture

Their prize will be delivered at key adult registration on Tuesday. This was chosen by the co-chair people of the charities committee Ella Braidwood and Maryanne Murphy.  ?

Mr Christie raised well over £50 as well as a lovely new hair cut – see picture

The S1 nose competition was won by Alice Culbert 1B1 and her uninose design. In second place was Racheal Martin and Third was Alice Simpson. This was also chosen by the co-chair people of the charities committee Ella Braidwood and Maryanne Murphy. Her prize will also be handed out at Key Adult registration on Tuesday


The Charities Committee

S1 Comic Relief Noses 1B2 Mike's Hair

S4 Study Skills Session

The S4 spent a successful morning taking part in Study Skills sessions on Friday morning to help them reflect on how they learn best as well as to pass on revision and study techniques.

The materials from the S4 Study Skills session last week have now been posted in the Edmodo group, if you’re not sure of the code come and see Mrs Breingan or listen out for it in the notices this week.

SPRING CONCERT – 24th March 2015 @ 7 p.m.

Tickets for the Spring Concert are now available to purchase from the School Office.  They are priced at £5 Adults and £3 Concession/Child

Help us to support this event.  Tickets do sell fast, so be sure to purchase them sooner rather than later!

Mrs J Sumerling